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10 Ways To Motivate Your Students To Learn

Teaching is the most valuable profession in every society because teachers give food for the soul to our children by providing proper training and direction that would help them to attain their academic and professional goals easily. After parents, teachers play a major role in child development because they introduce theories of life; make them mentally mature and responsible citizens. However, a teacher might not convey a word on adolescents until they show interest in taking what a teacher tries to give. For that reason, it is a big problem for teachers, as well as guardians to teach some non-serious children and for sorting out this problem they might need to hire some.

Give Them Extra Attention

To develop a child`s interest in studies, try to involve them while teaching any lesson by questioning and asking their comments because extra attention might evolve their concern in learning. You might arrange for the extra hours of training that will assist you in finding the reason for hisher non-serious attitude towards study and those areas where they need improvement. Discuss patiently with himher consequences that will come when heshe doesn’t learn, giving some practical example will work a lot. In short, your little extra effort and dedication in nurturing them can create a big impact and rise up their academic performance.

Believe and Appreciate Them

It is very important to keep persistent with your efforts because when you give up, nothing good can happen. Therefore, appreciate them with your words and gesture for their little efforts. Don’t discourage them when they could not get outstanding marks. It is noticed that weaker students start learning very well when you say to them, “yes my child, you can do this”. See more tricks from 5 writing tips. Encouraging words will give them power and they will start learning with more interest.

Explain - Why They Need to Do This Assignment

One reason for a student’s poor performance is not defining objectives. It is frustrating to work on a project or task when it doesn’t sense to you. So, tell them; why you are asking him to read this book and the benefits of completing this project. When children have a clear view of studying something on their mind, they will try to give outcomes. However, remember the fact every student cannot get the highest marks because each of them has different mental capabilities. In this scenario, if you do not draw the structure of the assignment then read pro tips from How to Write the Best Law Assignment in Top 6 Ways that would help them to improve their writing skills. So, never expect more than their abilities and try to enhance their skills gradually.

Set A Goal & Time Duration

Teachers can help weaker students of the class by scheduling tasks for them which has to be completed within a fixed time. Thus, divide chapters and topics which they need to read out in a week or two weeks as per their capability, and then give those extra 2 days for repeating and finalizing assigned lessons. Practice this for at least a semester and you will see how much a slow learner will improve. When he follows a proper timetable, learning a lesson will not make him fraught and he starts enjoying studies.

Offer Reward to Them

Offering a reward is the best tool for motivation because everyone loves the winning prize. Hence, an announcement of premium can create a healthy competitive environment in the classroom, and all types of students will participate in it. Moreover, to attract slow learners, try to offer their favorite award so that they will also try to win along with good students. If you are interested to read more beneficial tips related to this topic, thus click here.