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How To Write An Essay

Writing is a medium of communication and an effective one to convey your ideas in a written form to others. Writing has many different types and each has different requirements but the main purpose is to engage the readers by grabbing the reader’s attention. Essay writing is one of these types.

Students have to produce an essay on a given topic in which they’ve to provide their argument about the topic & back it up with suitable proofs and examples to convince the reader. If you don’t know how to write an essay then you can contact the best essay writing helpers that has experts to do this job on your behalf.

If you’ve financial issues and cannot buy a brilliant essay expert then how about writing a brilliant essay yourself. It’s not very difficult if you follow a few tips of writing process then you are winning to write a qualitative essay.

3M’s Principle

3 M’s = Method, motive, and message. This principle governs your complete essay. The method defines your essay and motive to highlight the goals and objectives you are trying to achieve with this essay. Your essay must have a purpose. This principle aids in writing a good essay.


The essay introduction must try to hook the reader with some interesting information or a quote. You can use thought-provoking questions to keep the reader interested in reading ahead. You can also use a catchy phrase to attract the reader. The introduction sets up the essay for paragraphs to come and provides an overview.


The flow of the paragraphs is important. Each paragraph must pick up from where the previous one has left. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence. Use supportive sentences to close a paragraph. Explain the topic in detail with all the aspects. For more details, click here


Summarize the essay in a couple of sentences and restate your main point. Provide something to think about for the readers in the conclusion. In the end, verify your essay according to the different stages of the writing process a logical framework of ideas.


Proofread your essay so that you can highlight and remove the errors from your essay. An error-free essay has more chances of getting a good grade. Teachers don’t tolerate spelling errors and grammatical errors in your essay.