Unit 701 Strategic Leadership Practice

The main aim of unit 701 Strategic Leadership Practice is to make the learners get the cohesive concept of the strategic leadership management practice. Strategic management has the concept that alludes to a manager’s practice that applies versatile management styles and makes the vision of an organisation flourish and the idea for making adaptive. Moreover, it prepares an organisation to get economic and technical climate change. The leaders of the strategic team have full of motivating ideas among employees and nurture them between the change implementation and direction notion in a company.

Unit 701 Strategic Leadership Practice`s core aim is to endorse streamlining process, innovation, and productivity of strategy and enhance the environment, which increases the independence and productivity of employees to receive their ideas. The leaders of the strategic team sometimes apply rewards and incentive programs to increase the motivation of the customers and aid them to achieve their goals. Developing Strategic Leadership Practices in a company required to follow the practices of team leaders such as execution, strategic thinking, strategic planning, awareness, strategic agility, strategic thinking, communication skills, objective measures, key results readability and trust.

The main emphasise of unit 701 Strategic Leadership Practice is on the connection among organisational strategy, strategic management, principles and key leadership quality. The learners may use the employment context in versatile organisations that are cognisant of their assignment basics. Whether they are not in the condition to do so then they can move ahead to the different scenarios such as: suppose yourself as a senior level manager in an organisation of moderate size. You need to imply executives’ strategic analysis in the organisation to get innovative leadership style ideas. The main aim is to analyse the main potentials and payoffs regarding the opponent’s rivalry. Despite it, you have to analyse the management theories and substitute procedures for management and leadership for the better optimisation of the organisation.

Learning outcomes

  • LO1: Identify the link between strategic management and leadership.
  • LO2: Identify the leadership principles that are connected with the organisation`s values.
  • LO3: Be adequate to distinguish the leadership strategies and their effect on the organisation`s direction.

Crucial contents

LO1: Identify the link between Strategic Management and Leadership.

Describe the effective manager and leader`s terms and distinguish between them. Understand the complete features to analyse whether executors prepare productive leaders and describe if the leadership skills of executors might be inherent or learnt or both. Leaders provoke other employees to walk behind them however maybe they are not able to possess significant skills in Management. Analyse the leader`s idea of being productive and we level employees understand and describe the management strategies and demands of strategic leadership. Analyse the equality needed between potential methods and their requirements for attaining a complete balance.

LO2: Identify the leadership principles that are connected with the organisation`s values.

Analyse the role of strategic leaders in the making process of mission values and vision in an organisation. Describe the organisation`s method mission vision and values and perhaps communicate with 6 versatile estate holders effectively. Prove the selection reason for each method of communication to respond to the stakeholder groups demands. Describe and select versatile leadership styles that can be adaptable for executives. Analyse the personal energy self believe and commitment methods that might impact these styles while they apply in the strategic environment. Describe Styles of ethical leadership that might include empowerment and trust. Illustrate two examples which are possible for the workplace situation. Illustrate flexible ethical leadership influence might be utilised in the organisation`s practices.

LO3: Be adequate to distinguish the leadership strategies and their effect on the organisation`s direction.

In the strategic leadership domain analyse the following concepts:

  • Mission transfer leadership
  • Situational leadership
  • Transactional leadership

Every leadership category provided above analyse the impact which may have on the organisation`s strategy.

Assessment criteria

The assessment criteria of unit 701 strategic leadership practice are based on the learning outcomes given below:

LO1: Identify the link between strategic management and leadership.

  • 1.1 Identify the concepts of managers about productive leaders.
  • 1.2 Identify the concepts of leaders about product managers.
  • 1.3 Identify the equality need for strategic management and strategic leadership requirements.

LO2: Identify the leadership principles that are connected with the organisation`s values.

  • 2.1 Evaluator strategic leader’s responsibility in preparing the mission vision and values of the organisation as well as their communication with each other.
  • 2.2 Identify the methods through which commitment, personal energy and self-belief impact the leadership styles and their application in environmental strategy.
  • 2.3 Identify the methods of ethical leadership in empowerment and trust Endanger and identify its impact on the organisation`s practices.

LO3: Be adequate to distinguish the leadership strategies and their effect on the organisation`s direction.

  • 3.1 Identify transformational leadership and understand its impact on the organisation`s strategy.
  • 3.2 Identify transactional leadership and understand its impact on the organisation’s strategy.
  • 3.3 Identify situational leadership and understand its impact on the organisation’s strategy.

Assessment Criteria

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