CELTA Assignment Help

CELTA Assignment Help

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What is CELTA?

CELTA is the acronym for Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults. It is an educational course that is ideal for students who want to pursue a career in English teaching. The courses of CELTA assist in providing improvement in the fundamental English language knowledge and increase the communication skills of learners. The main aim of the CELTA course is to provide contextual recognition of English to the students.

The second benefit of taking the scores is to get the language structure and description knowledge. Many scholars pursue the CELTA for learning effective teaching techniques and professional skills of teaching. The students can get final grades in this course from their course instructors based on their practical and assessment recognition regarding the course program.

What perks does CELTA offer to the students?

Following are the perks that the CELTA course allows the students by taking it.

  • Development of language and knowledge awareness in English description for applying the professional practice.
  • Development of contextual initial recognition through which adults acquire English their motivation as well as the role of student or teacher.
  • To get aware of the practice and principles of adult English teaching that is effective.
  • To learn fundamental teaching skills for adults.
  • To be aware of the resources and materials in English teaching to adults.
  • To be aware of the opportunities that a person can have been a teacher.

Learning program

The main aim behind the learning program is to acquire the CELTA for the development of every language program that is school-based and University guidelines for Cambridge. In the same way, the course ends within 4-5 weeks that is or 6 months. The division of the schools has been stratified into 5 chapters:

  • Learners and educators as well as teaching and learning context
  • Analysis of knowledge and language
  • Language skills that include writing, speaking, listening and reading
  • Resources and planning in versatile contexts
  • Professionalism and teaching skills development

With exception of theoretical classes, the learners should also fulfil their practices in teaching English for up to 6 hours at versatile levels. Furthermore, the learners should also attend 8 hours by observing other classes under the supervision of experienced teachers and analyse the performance of all task work and exercises in terms of teaching practice.

CELTA evaluation method

CELTA program is the kind of program in which the students are assisted through every aspect of the course rather than taking the final examination. For the evaluation of the CELTA course, Cambridge ESOL appoints a new external accessory who moderates and assesses the course and every student enrolled in it.

The CELTA evaluation method is comprised of two sections practice of teaching and written practical assignments

  • In the practice of teaching, the student would have 6 hours for the class in which the student has to show his good performance because, based on these 6 hours, he would be evaluated according to his performance.
  • In written practical assignments the students have to fulfil the four targets:
    • Emphasize adult learning
    • Emphasize the linguistic system of English
    • Emphasize the other language skills
    • Emphasize the classroom learning

Results of CELTA

The result of the CELTA course will be in the form of certificates after the completion of the course. This certificate is a kind of official report on which the performance of every student has been demonstrated. There are three categories on which the stratification of results has based A pass, A pass grade B and A pass grade A.

The students who get an A pass are those who have coincided with the written exercise and teaching practice performance with the sought criteria. Whereas the students with A Pass Grade B have coincided with teaching practice and criteria sought with the achievement of better teaching skills. The students who get A Pass Grade A are those whose written exercise criteria match with criteria sought and in teaching skills, learning process and classroom knowledge, class planning.

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