How to Write a Cover Letter

How to Write a Cover Letter

You`ve been looking for a job for a while, but you`re nearly there! Your resume is now flawless. You`ve narrowed down your selection of desired job applications to apply for. Even your buddy has trained you for every possible interview question. Nevertheless, you then realize that you also need to create a cover letter before you can submit your application and call it a day.

You find yourself looking at a blank page right now, unsure of where to begin. Remain calm! We have everything covered. Contrary to popular belief, writing a cover letter is quite easy. We`ll show you how to create a cover letter with no experience that will help you get the job you deserve in this article. We`ll talk about:


A Cover Letter: What Is It?

A cover letter serves as an introduction and a succinct rundown of your career history. It should be between 250 and 400 words lengthy on average. A strong cover letter should astonish the hiring manager and persuade them that you are a candidate worth speaking with.

Step-by-step instructions on how to write the ideal cover letter for an internship or a professional role, with examples of winning cover letters and more!

Now let`s get going. A cover letter is an attachment that you send with your CV or resume when applying for a job.

So how is your cover letter going to do this?

It should, first of all, enhance rather than duplicate your resume. You have the opportunity to go into more detail about significant accomplishments, transferable talents, or anything else that your resume does not provide room for in your cover letter.

If your CV shows a break in work, for instance, the cover letter is an excellent opportunity to discuss why it occurred and how it aided in your personal development. Writing about oneself in a cover letter may seem difficult if this is your first time writing one. But fear not—neither exceptional creativity nor writing prowess is a prerequisite.

All you need to do is adhere to this tried-and-true format for cover letters: You have the opportunity to highlight your talents, personality, and narrative in your cover letter. In your haste to send in your application, don`t forget to include a cover letter. Writing a cover letter demonstrates your interest in the role and company, as well as your willingness to go above and beyond for a fantastic chance.

Format for a cover letter

Like a business letter, a cover letter should have the following sections:

  • Header including contact details and date
  • Greetings or salutations
  • First paragraph
  • Paragraph or paragraphs in the middle
  • Last paragraph
  • Close of the letter and signature

Use a professional, straightforward typeface (Helvetica or Arial) with a point size of 10 to 12 for your one-page cover letter. You should position your letter to the left and use single spacing with one-inch margins on both sides.

Writing a cover letter involves six steps

These six simple steps will assist you in creating an outstanding cover letter. In the sections that follow, we`ll provide detailed instructions and examples of what to put in each area.

1. Start by composing your headline

A hiring manager or recruiter will find it simpler to reach you if you provide a few personal and role-specific data at the start of your cover letter, just as they would with any other normal business letter heading. You may put your name and address in the middle of the page, exactly like on your resume, if you`d like.

Template for the header:

  • Name, home city, and ZIP code
  • Your mobile number
  • Your electronic mail address
  • Time and Date
  • The recipient`s name
  • The recipient`s title
  • The name of the business
  • Business address

A sample header

Washington, 554 Orchard, Nevada City, NV 05 June 20XX Terry Flip Around Inc. (555) 888-4000; (Name) Lang, (name); 123 Vineyard Drive, NV, Las Vegas

2. Add a Salutation

While you`re doing your investigation, keep an eye out for the name of the person who is screening job applications. Instead of starting your letter with "To whom it may concern," use a formal business greeting like "Dear [first and last name]" or "Dear [position title]" when addressing this individual.

To Whom It May Concern, Hiring Manager, is an example of a greeting.

Regarding Tyler Wallace,

3. Write a Brief Introduction

Provide the job description and whereabouts of the job advertising in the first sentence of your application. You might highlight your research by describing why you are interested in the position and firm.

4. Add Another Paragraph

You should include a succinct overview of your experience that is pertinent to the role in your second paragraph. Give an overview of your most notable accomplishments, competencies, and areas of expertise that make you a strong candidate for the job. Select only one or two, and then elaborate on your achievement in detail, including any quantifiable accomplishments you made.

Find some keywords that interest you in the job description and use them in the body of your cover letter. You should limit your discussion to your most recent job experiences.

Example of a second paragraph: I was employed at Jenkins Technology Solutions, Inc. in the human resources, diversity, and equal employment opportunity departments before that. I created an employee retention strategy for Jenkins Technologies that included a promotion selection process, an internal training program, and a wellness program. The entire staff turnover rate decreased by 50% as a consequence of this. I was a crucial senior leader at Wes Morgan Philips, where I oversaw the performance and efficiency of the 540 workers in my role as director of human resources."

5. Write a Paragraph to Wrap up

The last paragraph should showcase one additional notable achievement or skill that is pertinent to the job. Summarise a particular experience or narrative that demonstrates your suitability for the position rather than restating information from your CV. Speaking about accomplishments you had in a comparable work or abilities you can bring to new tasks is a wonderful idea if you`re shifting employment.

A sample of a paragraph that ends

"I like highlighting an organization`s assets in marketing presentations I give to prospective customers. At River Tech, I contributed my marketing expertise to the company`s new heights of success and a 45% rise in consumer involvement. I`m never content with the existing quo and think a business should always be searching for fresh and creative methods to reach out to potential customers." "I always have the company`s best interests at heart, and achieving ambitious marketing objectives is my top priority."

6. Conclude With an Official Greeting

Your cover letter should conclude with a paragraph that summarizes your motivations for applying for the job and why you would be an excellent fit. Provide a summary of your ideas in your cover letter and express your eagerness to hear from the employer about any possible next steps. To complete the document, sign your name at the bottom.

"My continuing success depends on growth, I`m consequently ecstatic about the chance to become a member of TradeLot`s finest team in the industry. The combination of TradeLot`s superior products and my past achievements helps the firm increase its market share. Thank you very much for your attention and time. I`m excited to learn more about selling products with TradeLot."
With regards,
Malik Rabb

Samples of Cover Letters

To start with, a secretary

Job description:

You will be assisting managers and other senior-level staff members by planning trips, keeping track of their calendars, filing expense reports, and doing other administrative tasks if you have good interpersonal, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills.


  • More than five years of expertise in a fast-paced setting offering specialized administrative assistance to a variety of teams
  • A high school degree or comparable professional experience
  • Outstanding proficiency in Microsoft Office, with a focus on Outlook and Excel
  • Self-driven and extremely well-organized
  • Collaborators who function successfully under minimal supervision

Cover letter

Kindly address this with the hiring manager.

To express interest in the administrative assistant job, I`m writing to [name of company]. There are many reasons why this chance appeals to me. First off, I`ve succeeded in administrative positions in the past, most notably in my present position as an administrative coordinator. Second, the event I organized last year for our senior leaders was the highlight of my time here. I oversaw the transportation and accommodation of fifteen executives from different departments within the company, planned meals and activities, collaborated with our internal events team, and ensured a flawless two-day event. Thirdly, I had to manage an internal team to organize the event this year with twice as many people attending.

What attracted me to this position was the development potential that [name of firm] provides. According to what I`ve learned about your company`s culture, there are plenty of chances for driven people like myself. I could not wait to use my excellent organizing skills and meticulous attention to detail in novel and demanding settings.

I appreciate your time and interest and look forward to telling you more about my history and objectives.

With regards,


Example 2: Junior Copywriter

Job description:

We are looking to add a seasoned copywriter to our group. Someone with a clear sense of balance, a quick intellect, and the ability to adapt a brand`s voice for any medium would be a good fit for this role.


  • Write material for product marketing, landing pages, emails, videos, ads, events, and other branded communications.
  • Preserve and strengthen the voice of our company working with others
  • Write content for our internal websites that highlight the culture of our organization.
  • Work on your own and manage your time well.
  • Excellent copyediting abilities for both personal and professional works


An assortment of your creations

At least five years of experience writing copy, ideally working for an agency

Cover letter

Hi there, Although I`ve completed both, I am interested in focusing on the second of the less apparent ways to increase your word count and, therefore, your copywriting skills for the position application: getting ready for the GRE.

I have never known a better writer than my grandma. Even though she wasn`t an accomplished writer, we both enjoyed writing. I had no idea how closely our artistic interests matched until this past year.

Before long, I was working through the New York Times puzzles from Monday through Wednesday, and as time passed, I saw that I was using fewer and fewer dictionary terms. I eventually managed to do the puzzles for Thursday through Saturday as well, and during it all, I could see my repertoire of asides, rejoinders, and catchy remarks growing. I eventually worked up the bravery to tackle the Sunday puzzles.

This bravery was the genuine turning point in my life. Even though I knew I could do it, I had never thought of myself as very brave. I am a diligent worker with a creative attitude, according to assessments I have received from management and colleagues at my present agency. I gained a new perspective on who I am and what I want to do for a livelihood by taking on and completing new tasks.

I began working as a copywriter because I had a talent for crafting sentences that conveyed concepts or feelings. I`ve realized that I can develop that gift to new heights, so I`m going to remain on that track. I would want to work as a copywriter with [name of business] going forward.

Warm regards,


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Extra Guidance on Writing an Effective Cover Letter

Here are some more guidelines to help you create the best possible cover letter:

Stress the Results of Your Research

You`ve undoubtedly done some research on your prospective job by now, so make use of your cover letter to emphasize your familiarity with the company.

With just a little research, employers can determine if you`re really interested in the work and take it seriously./p>

You are welcome to share the following tales about the company:

  • Origin or foundation story
  • Reputation and position in the field noteworthy achievements or breakthroughs
  • Effects that can be measured
  • Future goals
  • To conquer the obstacles

Don`t forget to share how you can support them or why you think their cause is inspirational. For illustration, think about this:

"The notable 15% drop in carbon emissions in the last year is encouraging and highlights EcoPower Solutions` exceptional track record in advancing sustainable energy. I`m thrilled to contribute to the firm`s future success since your dedication to environmental sustainability and my passion for renewable energy are a wonderful fit.

Correct any spelling and grammar errors in your cover letter; they will reflect poorly on you to prospective employers.

Here are Two Quick Techniques that Seasoned Editors Use to Spot Mistakes:

Read your writing aloud: Doing so compels you to go over each word, phrase, paragraph, and punctuation mark in your letter. Moreover, you`ll be able to identify difficult-to-read phrases more quickly and simplify them.

Modify the typeface:

A different font compels your brain to analyze what seems to be novel. You may catch errors you would otherwise overlook in your cover letter by changing the font and size of the text.

Have a second person review your cover letter once you`ve read it aloud. They may provide insightful criticism, such as whether your message is ambiguous and overflowing with platitudes or concise and well-argued. They should also catch any little spelling and grammatical mistakes you overlooked.

Utilize online applications to save time:

To rapidly create a compelling letter that adheres to the proper cover letter style, consider utilizing an online program if you`re short on time.