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Academic Service UK confirms you full confidentiality and privacy that solidifies the relationship with our customers. The following rules depict the set of rules governed under the privacy policy page if you are going to place your order here, make sure to run your eyes over the privacy policy page at least once.

  • According to the rules of cookies, we make use of cookies for progressing the online experience of the visitors and clients of our site. In addition to this, the cookies support us in dichotomizing the web traffic and identifying the visitors to our site. In this manner, we would like our customers and visitors to know that during visiting our site, a few cookies record are shared with your working network for a specified duration for certain investigation purposes.
  • When any visitor steps in our site, an auto-created framework centered on our site ultimately recognises the identity of the visitors along with saving a part of their information including IP address, time and date, web browser used, and some data of the working framework with the help of which the student has approached us. Thus, this process enhances our visitor management skills.
  • We accumulate personal details of the customers and visitors of our site at different points of time such as when the students browse our services, place their orders, or get registered here. The primary purpose of saving the information is to know about the people who land on our site and to notify them about offers made by us. The particulars include the name of the customer, credit card, e-mail id, phone number, country, etc.
  • We take full responsibility for protecting the details of our visitors and customers by all means. Moreover, the data is only accessed by higher authorities of the company for important purposes. Since we have to manage and organise the record of our customers to save ourselves from future hassles, thus we gather specific data of them at the time of booking orders. We are highly trusted by the students in terms of confidentiality and whatever interactions take place between us are the matter of 100% anonymity. Therefore, you need not worry a bit about your privacy as it is secured in our professional hands.
  • We value your existence on our site and work hard every single day to make your experience better at our platform. In this matter, the company holds the charge to make modifications or changes in any rule of the privacy policies at any point it needs amendment. Hence, the customers and visitors are requested to visit our privacy policy page frequently for any kind of update.