5HR01 Employment Relationship Management

Unit 5HR01 Employment relationship management has a main focus on the strategies, principles and practices included in the relationship management between the employees and employer within the context of the organisation. Useful employment relationship management is significant for providing an optimistic environment of work, productivity enhancement and certifying the entire organisation`s success. This unit also copes with all the multiple domains of relationship management that include selection onboarding recruitment performance management development of employees and the strategies of retention.

Selection and recruitment include attracting and hiring the appropriate candidates who are according to the culture of the organisation and can contribute to its goal of success. When the employees get on both they have the main focus on the management of performance including setting explicit expectations, offering feedback and addressing the issues of performance to assist employees in growth and success for the roles. The development of employees is another significant aspect of this unit which focuses on the significance of ongoing skills development and learning. It also keeps the engagement of employees and makes them motivated. It also includes mentoring, training programs, and opportunities for career development designed to the aspirations and needs of individuals.

The strategies after tension are also explorable to reduce and retain the top talent and turnover within the organisation. It also includes the competitive offers of benefits and compensation. It also generates a supportive environment of the work and provides opportunities for work-life balance and advancement. It also deals with the ethical and legal aspects of the relationship management of employment. It certifies compliance with the laws of labour and promotes equality and fairness in the workplace. In summary, unit 5HR01 Employment Relationship Management also provides a comprehensive organisation of the dynamics included in employment relationship management. In addition, it also provided the learners with the equipment and knowledge required for effective human resource management within the organisation.

Unit Objectives

The significant objective of the learning insight in the unit 5HR01 Employment Relationship Management are demonstrated below:

  • Reason principles underpinned in the effective relationship management of the employees.
  • To explore the practical strategies for selection onboarding performance and recruitment management for optimising the engagement and productivity of improvement.
  • To identify the influence of retention strategies and employee development on the success of the organisation, consider the factors including career development, work-life balance, training and compensation.

Learning Outcomes:

Here are the main learning outcomes of the unit 5HR01 Employment Relationship Management designed for the learners.

LO1: Recognise the voice of employees and practices for supporting the better lives of working.

LO2: Recognise the versatile categories of conflict dispute and behaviour resolution.

LO3: Recognise the way to manage disciplinary, performance and grievance matters with law.

Assessment Criteria:

The assessment criteria of the unit 5HR01 Employment Relationship Management contains the versatile aims of the unit to be catered with the following aspects.

LO1: Recognise the voice of employees and practices for supporting the better lives of working

1.1 Comparison between employee participation and employee involvement and the way through which they build relationships.

  • The involvement of employee and employee participation
  • Participation and involvement definitions
  • Comparison in decision-making
  • Differences in scope from methods and depth
  • Links to pluralism and unitarism
  • Connection to engagement and motivation

1.2 Differentiate the categories of non-union and union representation of employees.

1.3 Identify the connection between the organisation`s performance and employee voice.

  • The connection between organisational performance and employee voice
  • Arguments supporting a link, for example, the work practice research with high-performance
  • Arguments which question whether voice going to improve the performance of its organisation for example
  • Problems in performance measurement
  • Variations in the voice method in practice
  • Influence of another variable

1.4 Elaborate the concept of appropriate working life and the way through which they can design.

  • Better lives by working
  • Good work concept
  • Definitions of good work
  • Decent and fair work
  • Job quality
  • Employment terms
  • Benefits and pay
  • Safety help and physiological flourishment
  • Nature of work and job design
  • Cohesion and social support
  • Responsiveness to personal problems
  • Flexibility
  • Metrics utilise for success good work and job quality
  • Way to design good work for promoting mental and Physical health

LO2: Recognise the versatile categories of conflict dispute and behaviour resolution.

2.1 Difference between the misbehaviour and conflict of organisation.

  • The conflict of organisation
  • Forms of organisation of conflict of employees such as, go slow, deliberate negative or descriptive attribute, protest, bans overtime, strike and work to rule.
  • Categories of unorganised conflict are also considered as misbehaviour such as fraud, walking out, absenteeism and sabotage.

2.2 Checking out the emerging trends in the categories of conflict and sanction of industries.

  • Shift from the long strikes to the shorter plant of strikes strategically
  • Trends in strike number
  • Loss of working days
  • Workers number included
  • Increasing the injunction used through organisations
  • Workplace conflict individualisation
  • Sanction nature recently and possibly being applicable for example external and internal principles and policies, legislation and the way of application.

2.3 Difference between arbitration, mediation and conciliation of third-party.

  • Third-party definition
  • Conciliation, arbitration and mediation
  • Uses in collective and individual disputes
  • Conciliation role in employment settlement tribunal claim
  • Mediation role in maintaining and restoring the relationship of employment
  • Conciliator and mediator role in assisting the parties in resolving their problems
  • Arbitrator`s role in making a binding decision in dispute
  • Potential conflict management situations to achieve the census ethically and legally

LO3: Recognise the way to manage disciplinary, performance and grievance matters with law.

3.1 Elaborate the legislation principles in terms of unfair dismissal in respect of misconduct and capability issues.

  • Unfair legislation of dismissal
  • Unfair dismissal of a law
  • Relevant practices codes
  • Relevant legislation
  • Misconduct and capability issues
  • Misconduct and capabilities definitions
  • Unfair and fair dismissal reasons
  • Significance of acting reasonable and fair
  • Formal warnings and hearings
  • Comparison between gross and ordinary misconduct
  • Record Keeping
  • Right to a complaint disciplinary hearings

3.2 Identify the key reasons for employee grievances

  • Grievance Definition
  • Individual and collective grievances cause
  • Bad management
  • Flexibility lacking
  • Treatment inequality
  • Unfair rules
  • Working conditions
  • Workload
  • Issues of grading
  • Existing collective agreements interpretation
  • Harassment and bullying

3.3 Advise the significance of effective grievance handling

  • Avoid legal claims
  • Organisation and individual reputation
  • Influence of team and individual
  • Issue addresses which cause frustration of employees
  • Absence
  • Poor morale
  • Goodwill withdrawal
  • Change resistance
  • Psychological impact
  • Resignation

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