CMI Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership

For strategic managers looking to further their careers, the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 7 Diploma/certificate, award in Strategic Management and Leadership is appropriate. The required benchmark qualification for full CMI membership, which advances you one step closer to becoming a chartered manager, is a Level 7 Diploma in Management and Leadership.

The CMI Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership (Award, Certificate, Diploma, Extended Diploma), which covers a wide range of subjects including risk management techniques, strategic project management, and financial management and planning, is perfect for people who are in charge of converting organizational strategy into successful performance. You can customize the Level 7 Diploma to your hobbies or professional demands by selecting from a wide choice of modules whether you`d like to validate your current skills or develop your confidence and leadership abilities.

The CMI Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership (Award, Certificate, Diploma, Extended Diploma) distance learning course offers a thorough study path to becoming a successful senior manager. It has an 18-month study term and requires 390 hours of total certification time.

Course Content:

To get the CMI Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership (Award, Certificate, Diploma, Extended Diploma), students must complete a minimum of 370 TQT hours in combination. Students need to complete at least 300 TQT hours from Group A alone and 70 TQT hours from Group B. There are 106 required hours of supervised study.


  • Comprehensive Guidance (36 GLH / 110 TUT)
  • Developing and Leading Others to Achieve Performance Optimization (34 GLH / 100 TUT)
  • Partnerships and Cooperation (18 GLH / 70 TUT)
  • Organizational Strategy Development (30 GLH / 90 TUT)
  • Finance for Strategic Leaders (32 GLH / 90 TUT) Leading Strategic Change (24 GLH / 80 TUT)
  • Development and Organizational Design (26 GLH / 80 TUT)
  • Management of Strategic Risk (24 GLH / 80 TUT)
  • Data & Information Strategic Management (24 GLH / 80 TUT)
  • Promotional Plan (30 GLH / 80 TUT)
  • Practice of Entrepreneurship (32 GLH / 90 TUT)
  • Project for Strategic Management (24 GLH / 100 TUT)
  • Strategic Leaders` Guide to Applied Research (18 GLH / 70 TUT)
  • Strategic Leaders` Personal and Professional Development (24 GLH / 90 TUT)
  • Strategic Methods for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality (24 GLH / 80 TUT)
  • Methodical Strategies for Optimal Mental Health and Wellness (18 GLH / 70 TUT)


  • Contracting and Procurement Principles (21 GLH / 60 TUT)
  • Strategic Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (20 GLH / 60 TUT)
  • Top Quality Control (25 GLH / 70 TUT)
  • Guidelines and Procedures for Developing Policies (20 GLH / 60 TUT)
  • Leaders` Coaching Skills (15 GLH / 70 TUT)
  • Ethical Decision Making: Principles and Practices (18 GLH / 60 TUT)

From Groups A and B, students can select any combination of modules.

For who is it intended?

Designed for managers who are already functioning at the strategic level, the online CMI Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership (Award, Certificate, Diploma, Extended Diploma) is equivalent to a master`s degree and aims to enhance your capacity to apply core management and leadership models within the strategic framework of your company.

How Can I Get Advantageous?

Your capacity to use strategic management and leadership inside your organization at a strategic level will grow as a result of this training.

  • Utilize the models, methods, and theories to solve practical work-related issues, and your organization will reap the rewards.
  • Show potential employers that you are capable, ambitious, and dedicated to your professional growth.
  • Greatly increase your earning potential and career chances
  • Utilize this course to advance to more advanced coursework, such as MBA programs offered by UK colleges.


The cost of the course includes study guides, one-on-one tutoring, exams, and affiliate membership in the CMI through the end of the course.

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