Collate information about learners`: English and math skills

Student life is not a piece of cake, and students have to deal with versatile tasks in their academic life and workplace. English and math skills are utilised at the workplace that’s why the students have to deal with it in their education. In many fields and other daily activities of professional life, students required English and math skills in their communication, finance and understanding the personal data including bill calculation at the restaurant or grocery store. All the educational fields contain underlying principles and fundamental aspects of the real world. To assure the abilities of the subject students can acquire GCSE or anything similar with English and math is crucial.

Assessment criteria

The assessment criteria for 1.1 Collate information about learners`: English and math skills are emphasised the following:

1. Be eligible to analyse the requirements of learners for supporting English and math.

1. Collate information regarding learners:

  • Skills in English and math
  • Targets of learning
  • Math and English requires support

2. Analyse and elaborate:

  • The learning and teaching objectives for activity planning
  • The demands of English and math for activities of learning

2. Be eligible to offer English support to aid the access of learners’ learning and teaching.

  • 1. Utilise knowledge of individual learners’ requirements to provide support in English.
  • 2. Utilise chances to support English skills development for learners.
  • 3. Utilise the strategy range for learners’ support for communication, reading and writing skills development.
  • 4. Show the working method with young individuals and children, which enhances the confidence and self-esteem in English skills relation.

3. Be eligible to offer Math support to aid the access of learners’ learning and teaching.

  • Utilise knowledge of individual learners’ requirements to offer support in math.
  • Utilise chances to support the math skills development for learners.
  • Utilise the strategies range for learners’ support to solve and utilise the problems of mathematics.
  • Show the working method with young individuals and children in the method which enhance the confidence and self-esteem in math skills relation.

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