LO1 Explain the key stages of the project lifecycle that should be considered when project managing

LO1 Explain the key stages of the project lifecycle that should be considered when project managing is the essential part of unit 6 managing a successful business. The learners of unit 6 have to fulfil the learning and assessment criteria of LO1 because of attaining their degree program. Besides, students have to first understand the notion of project lifecycle stages. The project management life cycle refers to a step-by-step framework of appropriate practice utilised to shepherd a business project from the initial stages to the last. It assists the project managers in structuring the procedure of executing, finishing and creating a project. The process of project management in general emphasized 4 phases planning, closing, executing and initiating stages. With the help of following the provided steps, a team of project arise the achieving goal opportunities.

The life cycle of project managing provides the tools and structure of the project to certify that they possess the appropriate opportunity to become a successful organisation. A project manager must be aware of the appropriate procedure.

Assessment criteria

The LO1 Explain the key stages of the project lifecycle that should be considered when project managing lies under the umbrella of assessment criteria of unit 6 managing a successful business. Here are some scenarios and tasks assigned to the students of HND level 4 in BTEC which are the main part of the unit.

TASK 1: Business Project Report

The submission would be in the portfolio form which emphasises the components given below:

  • Prepare a project report along with a project management plan that includes a breakdown structure of work with a Gantt chart.
  • A prepared project logbook
  • A prepared-for-performance review

The competencies and transferable skills developed through the following:

  • Useful written communication
  • Evaluation and analysis potential with a business data range and information sources.
  • Utilising evidence-based research decision making
  • Digital literacy
  • Information interpretation permits you to evaluate the practice theory.

The guidance and assignment

Activity and scenario

Project Introduction

The parson-set theme for utilise with level 4 unit 6 managing a successful business project is workplace transformation and the allocated topic for the provided project includes:

What are the core drivers impacting the transformation of the digital workplace?

The transformation of the workplace is a flexible workplace rethinking to the accommodation of versatile technology, workers, and work categories. With the new driving technology and globalization, the workplace becomes immediately evolved to certify these constant amendments. The amendment in competencies technology and Rolls have offered uncountable chances to improve and change with the world and organisation or change of work therefore at the workplace.

Delloite demonstrated in their report named workplace transformations in their digital age identify the 4 workplace ecosystem dimensions that are required to be considered in any strategy of workplace transformation:

  • Place
  • Space
  • Talent
  • Technology

In the rise of the recent global pandemic all the provided dimensions of the ecosystem workplace have to be reimagined. Some other organisations must focus again on their plan of workforce two certify a completely removed workforce which has potential and Technology is provided to productivity, engagement, and connectivity of continued employees. The navigation of this is an innovative procedure essential to support business operations and reach future implications.

You have employment for the post of research assistant with a professional development team in an organisation. You have the workplace of your choice and your own place. You have to conduct a project of a small scale in the form of a case study investigation into the workplace transformation in an organisation which is required to be presented as the management business case. The involvement of Investigation is part of the project as the core driver impacting the transformation of the digital workplace.

It will be provided to your manager as a case report of business followed by a review of performances and you are required to reflect on your project in terms of your professional and personal development throughout this project.

You should check out the following tasks 2 complete the achievement of this project:

Section 1: project planning

  • Prepare the aims and objectives of your project in line with the topic and research theme allocation.
  • Formulate a plan of project management to map out the method through which you have the intention to meet the objectives of the project which theatre the quality, cost, risk, resources, communication and scope.
  • Sketch out the task and activities according to the project requirement to provide a successful project. Note down the major events milestones or faces of your project.
  • Generate a Gantt chart and breakdown structure of work to activities tracking to be undertaken.

Section 2: Conduct Qualitative/Quantitative research

  • Utilise proper methodologies of research to gather data for organisations recently utilising to support the management of talent and what they found should be done better to enhance the recent practices.
  • Conduct the research which is secondary in an organisation to check out the talent management categories initiative are followed by them.
  • Search out the benefits and values of talent management addressing business performance improvement.
  • Emphasize the good practice area to support and build the theme of your research.

Section 3: Present outcomes

  • Check your critical analysis and research your findings.
  • Present and produce the project that includes tools evaluation utilised to collect data and research to validate your recommendations about appropriate practices of talent management.
  • Prepare a meaningful and valid conclusion that endeavours to address the research objectives.

Section 4: Reflective practice

  • Analyse the life cycle of the project and the versatile stages reflecting and undertaken upon the methods of research applicable to finishing the business project and the method they utilise in attaining the intended results, what were the core aspects you consider while PMP compiling?
  • Complete a review of performance from (provided appendix 1 template) to reflect the criticism on outcomes, processes and project plans regarding your professional and personal development. Think about the appropriate method through which you have achieved and performed the objectives of your project, which obstructions should you overcome? Which things work well or not good? Explain your learning at the end of this project.
  • Conduct your project in accordance with your stated plan of project and have a meeting with your tutor to get a sign-off at every process of the project stage. A logbook must be maintained for recording every stage record (a template of the logbook is given in Appendix 2).

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